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Category: Flight Simulator 2004 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
Antonov An-2 9A-BFT ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
Textures only for Vladimir Zhyhulskiy's An-2 ( Vladimir Zhyhulskiy's An-2 (an2t_07.zip) needed! ) Operated by Delic Air out of Medulin (LDPM). It is mostly used for panorama and parachute flights. By Roman E. Krauss.

Filename: an29abft.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 19th May 2008, 23:32:00
Downloads: 298
Author: Roman E. Krauss
Size: 836kb

Category: Flight Simulator 2004 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
Antonov An-2 9A-DIZ ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
Textures only for Vladimir Zhyhulskiy's An-2 (Vladimir Zhyhulskiy's An-2 (an2t_07.zip) needed!) Operated by Air Tractor, a Croatian company based at Osijek-Cepin (LDOC), which usually specialises in aerial cropdusting with its An-2 fleet. 9A-DIZ is sometimes used for this purpose, but often enough it's either a cargo aircraft or used for parachute jumps. By Roman E. Krauss.

Filename: an29adiz.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 19th May 2008, 23:32:29
Downloads: 357
Author: Roman E. Krauss
Size: 897kb

Category: Flight Simulator 2004 - AI Aircraft
Army Parachute Association Cessna 208B Grand Caravan ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
Full AI package for the Army Parachute Association Cessna C208b, Based at Netheravon. This is the Sixth release from the UK Military AI project, for more info you can find us at http://www.ukmil.jbai-aircraft.com/.

Filename: ukmil_apa_c208.zip
License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 8th June 2006, 21:53:37
Downloads: 2166
Author: UK Military Ai Project, Chris Evans, Jim Witherley, Henry Tomkiewicz
Size: 307kb

Category: Flight Simulator X - Original Aircraft
B-2A Spirit Stealth Bomber ZipDive!  Download

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File Description:
The B-2A Stealth Bomber is the most sophisticated aircraft on the planet. She is essentially a “Flying Wing” platform with no V-Tail, and is controlled by pre-programed flight computers stationed in various positions within the crew cabin and wings. There is one main computer that controls the aircraft, with two redundant back-up computers assigned to it in case of failure. All additional computers are assigned to functions involving flight control, system monitoring, data communications, and radar. Engine and Aerodynamic effects are controlled by these computers which serve several actuators and ailerons, including the spoilerons, which further compensate for the lack of a V-Tail. In theory, and because of these computers, the aircraft is “Stall-Proof”. The only way it can stall is if the computers fail. There is no way she can be flown without the computers active. The REAL aircraft does almost everything based on pre-programed data, other than taxi to the runway (although this is also possible to program). Before each flight, the Mission is designed and then assigned to the Mission Flight Box (Portable Computer) which is then carried by the Commander to the aircraft, and the data from the box is “transferred” to the main on-board computers. Because of this, the B-2 cannot be flown until the box is ready for the mission, and pilots cannot simply jump in and fly her, with the exception that the data is transferred via satellite. Everything is pre-planned, and this takes several hours. Once the data is on-board, the taxi can begin. When lined-up on the runway, all the pilot needs to do is push a button or three. Everything else is computer controlled until landing. The aircraft CAN be flown manually with basic data inputs into the main computer systems, but even in that case it is not conventional. If a pilot wants to turn right, he sets the data to turn to a certain degrees of heading. The same with climb and descent, speed increase or decrease. A pilot cannot over-ride the computers in any case, so steep banks, climbs, or descents cannot be forced. There is a lot of space for the two member crew within the cockpit, but there is also a space reserved for one observer. This additional seat is known as “Suicide Position” because there is no ejection seat for that observer. In the event of a mishap, the observer can try to bail-out through the ejection hatches after the pilots, or can try the exit ramp door, or the bomb bay as an exit route. The odds of escape for the observer are very small, but he has a parachute as reassurance. Otherwise, what the crew does during missions is only a guess, since they really don't have to do anything unless an alarm goes off. Since the plane flies so smooth, we can only imagine what sort of things they may dream-up to entertain themselves during a long flight. High altitude flights are conducted at night mainly due to the obvious contrail such a flight will exhibit during the day with such hot engines. The engines are encased in a heat absorbing shield material (still exhaust exists), and the rest of the plane is coated with Radar absorbant material, with the additional low profile effect of the aircraft design itself. If it can be seen by the ground or a fighter, it can be attacked by fighters or the ground. During daytime flight they will stay below the contrail level, and monitor the radar systems in preparations for counter-measures. If a fighter can visually observe them, the fighter may be able to shoot them down with bullets from behind, but not likely with missiles because of the sophisticated counter-measures available. On Radar the aircraft appears the size of a pigeon, until about 8 to 10 miles away, which would be too late to counter from the ground, so most attacks are either done at night or during the day at very low altitude. Upon landing the aircraft is automated down to about 200 feet AGL, when the pilot takes command. All she/he does at this point is allow her to glide down and contact the runway, and retard the engines. Brakes are used to slow, then the computers are turned off, and the pilot can control the throttles, nose gear, and brakes. The Commander watches for obstructions, mainly, and communicates with the tower and ground crew. Everything in this model has been reconfigured to meet realistic standards, without any tricks or flight tuning, and following real world aerodynamic principals and available data, including MOI. The panel requires study before use, but very realistic. The sounds are very authentic. There is no other model offered anywhere that compares to what you have now available in front of you. Please read and study the Readme.txt file within the main folder before attempting to fly this 2.2 Billion Dollar aircraft. Yes, that's correct ... $2,200,000,000 each! The use of this model, and the configuration of such, is designed for educational purposes, and protected by the Free Use Act: (https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/17/107). The Authors will not approve redistribution for monetary purposes. Original aircraft design by Alphasim; VC Adaptation, panels and gauges by Philippe Wallaert; Sound by Ruggero Osto; REAL WORLD Engine/Aerodynamics, data and effects by Douglas E. Trapp (KC6ZOF@Yahoo.com) June 2018

Filename: b-2adet.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 2nd June 2018, 17:16:30
Downloads: 750
Author: Douglas E. Trapp
Size: 15168kb

Category: Prepar3D V1-4 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
BN-2 Islander (G-AXUB) ZipDive!  Download

Images related to this file:

File Description:
G-AXUB Operated by The Headcorn Parachute Club and was used by the British Army Parachute Display Team. Textures only for Flight 1's BN-2 Islander. Primarily FSX, it can be successfully ported over to P3Dv4.3(it's what I use). Avsim forum has the details

Filename: f1_bn-2_islander.headcorn_para_club.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 7th August 2018, 12:45:11
Downloads: 91
Author: Ron Attwood
Size: 3312kb

Category: Flight Simulator 2004 - Scenery
Boscomantico LIPN ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
Boscomantico LIPN is a small civil airport near Verona, Italy. Here there is a small AeroClub, and a Parachute's School. The airport lay-out is realistic;the positions of hangars and other buildings are realistic;hangars and building, and other objects are from RWN12 group, and are not realistic. You need to have installed properly RWY12 static object library.

Filename: lipn_2005.zip
License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 29th October 2005, 22:11:15
Downloads: 2167
Author: Luciano Franchini, RWY12
Size: 165kb

Category: Flight Simulator 2004 - Miscellaneous Files
Cargo Drop Parachute addon ZipDive!  Download

Images related to this file:

File Description:
This addon will allow you to drop and deploy a cargo box / parachute from your plane. Works in FS2004 as well as FSX - ideal for cargo Ops. Have fun!

Filename: cargo%20drop%20and%20parachute%20addon.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 23rd March 2012, 18:20:19
Downloads: 1361
Author: Rynaldo Stoltz
Size: 2440kb

Category: Flight Simulator 2004 - Scenery
Chicoutimi / St-Honore CYRC in Quebec Canada ZipDive!  Download

Images related to this file:

File Description:
This is the third of five sceneries around Lac Saint-Jean in Quebec, Canada. Saint-Honore is a village on a crossroads 32 miles east of the lake, and the airport, called Chicoutimi in the Nav Canada Flight Supplement, is a mile or so east of the village. It is of the familiar triangular military design with three runways 12-30, 06-24, and 18-36. Of these, the longest is 12-30 at over 6,000 feet and has approach lighting and glide slope indicators. Of the other two 06-24 is now closed, but this scenery is based on the 2010 situation with all three open. There are two apron areas, one just to the south of 12-30 and a second to the northwest of 06-24 and served by a separate taxiway. The largest operator is a training establishment based on the northern apron and with a sizeable fleet of Beechcraft trainers (Skipper) that does not exist as an FS9 plane, so these are represented by a similar stand-in substitute. There is also a helicopter emergency evacuation operation to the east of the large control tower, and other hangars. The south apron has two main companies, Max Aviation and Exact Air, both of which run local regular scheduled flights in the area (though both appear to have now subcontracted these out to other companies) and also engage in training and charter flights. There is also a parachute training company. The ai includes flights by the companies on the field and also GA. The list of AI planes is explained in the AI folder, with details of downloads etc. The fleet of training aircraft is one of the planes in the revised (by Nick Tselepides) Piper Aircraft, designed for AI Traffic by Andras Neumann with a Paintkit by Charles Dayhuff adapted by Graham Eccleston, and Paints by Graham Eccleston, Andras Neuman and Frank Cooper along with the trainer repaint by Nick Tselepides. The Max and Exact aircraft textures are approximations by me; apologies. The use of the runways also as taxiways complicates the AI on runway 12-30 as directed by ATC. The AI will always leave 12-30 by the earliest exit, which means that the fleet of trainers will exit to the southern apron but will then taxi back onto the runway to reach taxiway A or runway 36 (according to wind direction) to proceed to the northern apron. In real life they land long and then taxi straight to the end of the runway to reach taxiway A or runway 36 without using the south apron at all. There is no way to correct this so just be ready to go around.

Filename: chicoutimi_qc.zip
License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 12th November 2017, 17:35:21
Downloads: 255
Author: Roger Wensley
Size: 31330kb

Category: Flight Simulator 2004 - Scenery
Colorado Springs North, Colorado, Photo-Scenery (FS9 & FSX) ZipDive!  Download

Images related to this file:

File Description:
This region covers the area between Denver and Colorado Springs. It extends my Denver scenery to the south. Just north of Colorado Springs you can see the widespread United States Air Force Academy which, with it's many buildings, covers a huge area of 18.000 acres. The Academy Airfield (KAFF) which lays in the northeastern corner of the area is used for training cadets in airmanship courses, including parachute training, soaring and powered flight. High resolution versions of this scenery for FS9 and FSX (much sharper, but larger and multiple downloads) are available at www.blueskyscenery.com/GNB_South2East.html . The screenies are taken from the high-res versions, so expect this version to be slightly more blurry. YourDonation@Work: Dedicated to Robin and Raymond.

Filename: gnb_south2east_2010_lr.zip
License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 3rd February 2010, 02:09:59
Downloads: 2056
Author: Gottfried Razek - blueskyscenery.com
Size: 99241kb

Category: Prepar3D V1-4 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
Douglas C-47 (42-24265) USAAF 316th TCG 6E-C ZipDive!  Download

Images related to this file:

File Description:
This folder contains a repaint for P3Dv4.5 PBR version of the Douglas C-47 by Manfred Jahn and colleagues in the colors of C-47A-50-DL 42-24265 6E-C, which flew with the 44th TCS/316th TCG, taking part in the parachute drops at D-Day, Market Garden and Operation Varsity. After the war, it had several owners in the US and South America until 1978, when it crashed in Guatemala. Repaint by Jan Kees Blom for Manfred Jahn's C-47 for P3Dv4.5, with PBR, Rivet and bump detail by Ted (Tufun) Wolfgang.

Filename: jk_c-47_pbr_usaaf_6e-c.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 23rd December 2019, 18:21:49
Downloads: 152
Author: Jan Kees Blom
Size: 27135kb

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