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Category: Flight Simulator X - Panels
Alphasim F-111 Panel Package Version 2.0 ZipDive!  Download

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File Description:
This upgrade to the Alphasim F-111 adds a Weapons System Operator Panel with default and old avionics packages, Working TERRAIN FOLLOWING RADAR scope shows accurate ground mapping ahead of aircraft in 5, 10 or 15 mile ranges, THREAT WARNING DISPLAY shows airborne AI aircraft in 20 or 40 mile ranges, Ground Attack RADAR displays airports and AI aircraft on default panel and airports as ground targets in ranges of 5,10,30,80 and 200 miles on old avionics panel, Shockwave Lights ready, Updated afterburner effects, INS (old avionics panel) displays working digital readout of latitude, longitude, and altitude, TFR and TWR gauges automatically change brightness between day and night to match lighting conditions.New Autopilot and Lighting control panels. Features custom gauges created by Dietmar Loleit for this project. You must have the Alphasim F-111 aircraft package for this panel

Filename: fsx_alphasim_f111_panel_v2.0.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 7th November 2009, 12:11:41
Downloads: 914
Author: Steve Hess
Size: 16264kb

Category: Flight Simulator X - Panels
Alphasim F-111 panel version 1.7 ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
This is a upgraded panel for the Alphasim F-111 package. It includes a new Red military style Virtual Cockpit Lighting effect.Improved VC lighting to some gauges. Better positioning of Horizon for 2D panels. More realistic Fuel Quantity gauges, plus all the other previous improvements to the 2D and 3D panels

Filename: fsx_alphasim_f111_panel_v17.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 16th January 2009, 22:48:59
Downloads: 872
Author: Steve Hess
Size: 8738kb

Category: Flight Simulator X - Original Aircraft
B-2A Spirit Stealth Bomber ZipDive!  Download

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File Description:
The B-2A Stealth Bomber is the most sophisticated aircraft on the planet. She is essentially a “Flying Wing” platform with no V-Tail, and is controlled by pre-programed flight computers stationed in various positions within the crew cabin and wings. There is one main computer that controls the aircraft, with two redundant back-up computers assigned to it in case of failure. All additional computers are assigned to functions involving flight control, system monitoring, data communications, and radar. Engine and Aerodynamic effects are controlled by these computers which serve several actuators and ailerons, including the spoilerons, which further compensate for the lack of a V-Tail. In theory, and because of these computers, the aircraft is “Stall-Proof”. The only way it can stall is if the computers fail. There is no way she can be flown without the computers active. The REAL aircraft does almost everything based on pre-programed data, other than taxi to the runway (although this is also possible to program). Before each flight, the Mission is designed and then assigned to the Mission Flight Box (Portable Computer) which is then carried by the Commander to the aircraft, and the data from the box is “transferred” to the main on-board computers. Because of this, the B-2 cannot be flown until the box is ready for the mission, and pilots cannot simply jump in and fly her, with the exception that the data is transferred via satellite. Everything is pre-planned, and this takes several hours. Once the data is on-board, the taxi can begin. When lined-up on the runway, all the pilot needs to do is push a button or three. Everything else is computer controlled until landing. The aircraft CAN be flown manually with basic data inputs into the main computer systems, but even in that case it is not conventional. If a pilot wants to turn right, he sets the data to turn to a certain degrees of heading. The same with climb and descent, speed increase or decrease. A pilot cannot over-ride the computers in any case, so steep banks, climbs, or descents cannot be forced. There is a lot of space for the two member crew within the cockpit, but there is also a space reserved for one observer. This additional seat is known as “Suicide Position” because there is no ejection seat for that observer. In the event of a mishap, the observer can try to bail-out through the ejection hatches after the pilots, or can try the exit ramp door, or the bomb bay as an exit route. The odds of escape for the observer are very small, but he has a parachute as reassurance. Otherwise, what the crew does during missions is only a guess, since they really don't have to do anything unless an alarm goes off. Since the plane flies so smooth, we can only imagine what sort of things they may dream-up to entertain themselves during a long flight. High altitude flights are conducted at night mainly due to the obvious contrail such a flight will exhibit during the day with such hot engines. The engines are encased in a heat absorbing shield material (still exhaust exists), and the rest of the plane is coated with Radar absorbant material, with the additional low profile effect of the aircraft design itself. If it can be seen by the ground or a fighter, it can be attacked by fighters or the ground. During daytime flight they will stay below the contrail level, and monitor the radar systems in preparations for counter-measures. If a fighter can visually observe them, the fighter may be able to shoot them down with bullets from behind, but not likely with missiles because of the sophisticated counter-measures available. On Radar the aircraft appears the size of a pigeon, until about 8 to 10 miles away, which would be too late to counter from the ground, so most attacks are either done at night or during the day at very low altitude. Upon landing the aircraft is automated down to about 200 feet AGL, when the pilot takes command. All she/he does at this point is allow her to glide down and contact the runway, and retard the engines. Brakes are used to slow, then the computers are turned off, and the pilot can control the throttles, nose gear, and brakes. The Commander watches for obstructions, mainly, and communicates with the tower and ground crew. Everything in this model has been reconfigured to meet realistic standards, without any tricks or flight tuning, and following real world aerodynamic principals and available data, including MOI. The panel requires study before use, but very realistic. The sounds are very authentic. There is no other model offered anywhere that compares to what you have now available in front of you. Please read and study the Readme.txt file within the main folder before attempting to fly this 2.2 Billion Dollar aircraft. Yes, that's correct ... $2,200,000,000 each! The use of this model, and the configuration of such, is designed for educational purposes, and protected by the Free Use Act: (https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/17/107). The Authors will not approve redistribution for monetary purposes. Original aircraft design by Alphasim; VC Adaptation, panels and gauges by Philippe Wallaert; Sound by Ruggero Osto; REAL WORLD Engine/Aerodynamics, data and effects by Douglas E. Trapp (KC6ZOF@Yahoo.com) June 2018

Filename: b-2adet.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 2nd June 2018, 17:16:30
Downloads: 977
Author: Douglas E. Trapp
Size: 15168kb

Category: Flight Simulator 2004 - Original Aircraft
B-57 Canberra ZipDive!  Download

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File Description:
ALPHASIM Freeware release of their B-57b Canberra, I have updated the panels with some very nice looking very realistic freeware gauges available nowadays.

Filename: b57.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 10th July 2010, 19:38:34
Downloads: 3509
Author: Peter Mercy, Alphasim
Size: 50859kb

Category: Flight Simulator X - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
Barrier Reef Airways Martin Mars JRM-3 v2.0 ZipDive!  Download

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File Description:
This repaint is added to compliment to my previous Martin Mars Barrier Reef Airways repaint....This one has a waterline added to the hull and floats, and a few more shiny patch panels to make this one look a little more beat-up.....Original Payware Martin Mars required from Virtavia (previously known as Alphasim)....Included are two DDS DXT5 versions....One WITHOUT mipmaps and one WITH mipmaps.....

Filename: virtavia_martin_mars_bra_v2.0.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 11th May 2013, 21:53:18
Downloads: 150
Author: Tommy Mitomi
Size: 5792kb

Category: Flight Simulator 2004 - Original Aircraft
Blackburn Firebrand MK IV/V ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
AlphaSim is releasing some older FS2004 models as freeware. Includes four models, four textures sets, two panels, and sounds. Complete cockpit with 2D panel/gauges and VC.

Filename: alpha_blackburn_firebrand_fs9.zip
License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 3rd November 2008, 22:55:38
Downloads: 4695
Author: Alphasim
Size: 9644kb

Category: Flight Simulator X - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
Boeing B-52H CONECT ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
In July 2013, the Air Force began a fleet-wide technological upgrade of its B-52 bombers called Combat Network Communications Technology (CONECT) to modernize electronics, communications technology, computing, instrumentation, and avionics on the flight deck. CONECT upgrades include software and hardware such as new servers, modems, radios, data-links, receivers, digital flight deck and workstations for the crew. Making the B-52 compatible with 21st century flight and combat roles.
Items reworked for FSX/P3D:
1. True FSX Native modeling, converted to FSX using ARNO'€™s MDLX program.
2. All new paints.
3. New blank bump mapping
4. All paints are in DDS format.
5. Multiple Liveries.
6. New air configuration file.
7. New HD VC textures.
8. FSX Air File installed.
9. Camera views added.
10. Transparency issue with VC model addressed.
11. All new digital cockpit created.
12. FSX coded gauges and sub panels.
13. Default and custom GPS.
14. Working Traffic Radar.

There are multiple popup windows that can be activated with-in the VC, they include the following. A full sized Horizontal Situational Indicator. A full sized Attitude Indicator. A full sized custom GPS. A full sized Radar Screen. Icon controlled Radio popup. Icon controlled over head electrical engine start panel. Icon controlled Throttle Panel. Icon controlled default GPS, Icon controlled Map, Icon controlled ATC, Mouseable Autopilot, Mouseable Flaps, Mouseable Landing Gears, Mouseable Warning lamps.
Video available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2ii2uxSbNA

Based on the Alphasim freeware B-52 model.

Filename: alpha_conect_b52h.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 3rd January 2016, 12:54:03
Downloads: 414
Author: David Robles
Size: 37732kb

Category: Flight Simulator X - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications
Convair B-36B 44-92041 7th Bomb Wing Carswell AFB 1949 ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
This is a repaint of the Alphasim B-36 that represents a B-36B-5-CF from the 7th Bomb Wing at Carswell AFB Texas, around 1949-50 when many were given red wing outer panels and empennage to allow Arctic over-flights. In the event of a crash the red surfaces would be easily visible against the snow. This download contains texture files for both FS9 and FSX, as well as new .bump files and a new texture.shared folder for FSX.

Filename: b36b.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 14th February 2009, 12:13:20
Downloads: 559
Author: Dave Quincey,Alphasim
Size: 7524kb

Category: Flight Simulator X - Panels
F-111 Aardvark HUD - Navigation/Situation awareness cockpit with RADAR ZipDive!  Download

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File Description:
FSX Alphasim F-111 Aardvark HUD. Navigation/Situation awareness cockpit.
REVISION 4. UPGRADE. COMPLETE PACKAGE. Adds upgraded dual role air-to-air ground mapping RADAR with target lock up and script on radar and HUD to enable precise intercepts in all weather day or night and new Sound. Massive amount of digital data.

Must have ALPHASIM F-111 Aardvark to build up this complete and separate F-111. Exceptional capability cockpit Comprising:
-Pilot, WSO and virtual panels; -3 MFD with 19 selectable pages of data; -NEW RADAR and 3 GPS type moving maps; -16 Nearest airports page with full Citynames and ICAO entry capable displays in HUD; -Clipboard, autopilot; -Autothrottle and TFR; -Enhanced HUD is selectable in all views including 10 camera views; -All data clearly readable size; -Aircraft carrier capable; -Effects: bombs, missiles, flares, dump and burn, exhaust trail; -Detailed REVISED 48 pge Flight Manual plus docs folder.

Configuration ensures crisp and extremely precise controlled flight even down to 10 ft AGL. This panel will set a new benchmark of the amount and type of data provided and its presentation. Possibly the best pilots' aircraft ever. Simple Panel replacement if previous version already installed. By Karol Chlebowski.

Filename: fxpiggb4.zip
License: Check within download
Added: 31st December 2009, 03:09:04
Downloads: 1061
Author: Karol Chlebowski
Size: 36767kb

Category: Flight Simulator X - Panels
F111 Panel.V1.1 ZipDive!  Download

Images related to this file:

File Description:
FSX Alphasim F111 Panel.V1.1 Features for FSX It includes a New VFR and IFR panel and updates to the virtual cockpit. New panel night lighting New virtual cockpit for the FB-111A cockpit with old Avionics package. I have cleaned up some of the gauge graphics. I have made improvements to the virtual cockpit cleaning up the graphics, and repositioned some gauges for a better fit to the panel. Terrain Following Radar added. Traffic Radar presented as Threat Warning Scope. More realistic afterbunner colors. Antenna graphics added to FB-111A nose side panels. New 'Sleepy Time Gal' and 'Spirit of the Seacoast' graphics. Now with install program.

Filename: fsx_alphasim_f111_panel_v1.1.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 18th February 2007, 19:03:41
Downloads: 1348
Author: Steve Hess
Size: 7704kb

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