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Current category: Flight Simulator X - Original Aircraft (1070 files)
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  Name Author Size DLs Added
 Get View  Airbus A321 Base Package Project Airbus 4809k 80279 21-Apr-2011
 Get View  Airbus A318, A319, A320 FSX Models Project Airbus 5341k 58970 21-Sep-2010
 Get View  AirOne Airbus A320-214 Franco Baratti/iFDG 3299k 39990 01-Nov-2006
 Get View  Air France, Airbus A380-800 Project Airbus 8667k 38761 06-Jan-2011
 Get View  Airbus A330-200, v2 Thomas Ruth 30801k 38244 08-Nov-2009
 Get View  Mirage F.1CG Hellenic Air Force Thanasis Delizisis, Panagiotis Delizisis, Kirk Olsson 35131k 34367 26-Jun-2007
 Get View  Lufthansa, Airbus A380-800 Project Airbus 9112k 31043 06-Jan-2011
 Get View  Piaggio P-180 v2.0 Mario Noriega 21946k 30856 21-Feb-2007
 Get View  Airbus A300-600R Thomas Ruth 39069k 28139 06-Feb-2010
 Get View  Embraer 190 Regional Airliner Premier Aircraft Design 14804k 27453 30-Jan-2008
 Get View  Cessna Citation Sovereign Chuck Jodry VJPL WestcoastATC.com 10035k 26271 11-May-2007
 Get View  Warsaw Airport 2011 X (part 1) Mateusz Stabryla, MK-Studios 204723k 25148 21-Jan-2011
 Get View  Douglas DC-4 and C-54 V2.1 Jens B. Kristensen 36480k 25144 15-Mar-2008
 Get View  Mudry CAP-10 Dimitri Samborski, Antonin Meyniel, Nikolai Samsonov 19091k 24834 12-Apr-2010
 Get View  Bombardier Learjet 60 Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May, and Kevin Pardy - Premier Aircraft Design 10185k 24130 18-Jan-2007
 Get View  Antonov An-2 (wheel and ski) Vladimir Zhyhulskiy 6850k 23784 15-May-2007
 Get View  Emirates, Airbus A380-800 (A6-EDA) Project Airbus 10521k 23564 06-Jan-2011
 Get View  Air France FS9 / FSX Concorde Libardo Guzman García 11967k 22684 27-Oct-2008
 Get View  Myanmar Airways International Airbus A380-800 Version 3.0 HOUSE-RP, Robby Pauletto, Robert Versluys 1750k 21565 08-Apr-2007
 Get View  LAN Chile Boeing 767-300ER Rodrigo Cordoba 13529k 21127 13-Sep-2007
 Get View  Boeing 737-200ADV, Version 1.30 (FSX) Bob Scott, Richard Probst, Terry Gaff, Gustavo Rodrigues, Christoffer Petersen 66077k 21063 21-Dec-2010
 Get View  Qantas, Airbus A380-800 Project Airbus 9009k 20780 06-Jan-2011
 Get View  Airbus A340-600 Thomas Ruth 17242k 20338 08-Nov-2009
 Get View  Lockheed and Kawasaki P-3C Version 2.9 (FS9 FSX Compatible model) Daisuke Yamamoto / Hiroaki Kubota 91521k 20306 25-Feb-2007
 Get View  F22 Thunderraptor rev2 Kaz Ito, panel Pete BOleng, exture-D.L. Tarbox 27982k 20095 19-Jan-2007
 Get View  Boeing 727-100 and 727-200 Thomas Ruth 115959k 19921 06-Feb-2011
 Get View  Vorona Aviation Boeing 777 Tim Clayton 2825k 19389 05-Jan-2007
 Get View  Singapore Airlines, Airbus A380-800 Project Airbus 10503k 19127 06-Jan-2011
 Get View  Boeing 707 Collection (420, VC137-C, 300/400 Passenger/Cargo) Libardo Guzman 36830k 19119 17-Mar-2008
 Get View  Swissair McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30/ER Triple Pack HOUSE-RP Robby Pauletto, Jonathan Stewart, Remo Eugster 9536k 18659 01-Jun-2007
 Get View  FS9 / FSX CONCORDE COLLECTION Libardo Guzmán García 31808k 18062 04-Nov-2008
 Get View  Boeing 737-800 V1.0 Basepack+Textures of Hapagfly, HLX and Tuifly Markus Brugger, MX Designers , Project Opensky 24145k 17355 03-Mar-2007
 Get View  De Havilland Dash-8-311 - 2 aircraft, full package Premier Aircraft Design 21843k 17252 27-Mar-2008
 Get View  House Colours, Airbus A380-800 Project Airbus 8154k 17194 06-Jan-2011
 Get View  Airbus A330-300, v2 Thomas Ruth 32218k 16481 08-Nov-2009
 Get View  Antonov AN225 Thomas Ruth 29866k 15599 08-Nov-2009
 Get View  Emirates, Airbus A380-800 (A6-EDH) Project Airbus 8769k 15573 06-Jan-2011
 Get View  Airbus A310 Thomas Ruth 41882k 15381 16-May-2010
 Get View  Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-841 (9V-SKB) Hui Yang Tan; Overland 5979k 15118 18-Dec-2007
 Get View  Airbus A330-200 Thomas Ruth 21120k 14408 19-Apr-2009
 Get View  Air Bagan Airbus A310-222 Twin Package HOUSE-RP, Robby Pauletto, Harald Nehring, Frank Weiss 1352k 13742 14-Feb-2007
 Get View  American Airlines Boeing 767-300 ER with Blended Winglets Camil Valiquette 3411k 13300 15-Aug-2008
 Get View  KLM Cityhopper Embraer 190LR Full package Premier Aircraft Design 12263k 13295 20-Mar-2008
 Get View  Airbus A300-600ST Beluga Thomas Ruth 19278k 12893 06-Mar-2010
 Get View  McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Version2.0 Thomas Ruth, Eric Cantu 112533k 12679 23-Apr-2012
 Get View  LTU Airbus A321 Markus Brugger, MX Designers, IFDG 24367k 12643 04-Nov-2006
 Get View  Air Labrador Beechcraft B1900D Premier Aircraft Design 17878k 12562 01-Jun-2008
 Get View  McDonnel-Douglas MD-83 Braden Peters 12608k 12386 13-Jan-2008
 Get View  Air Canada Boeing 787-8 Camil Valiquette 1696k 12281 16-Mar-2007
 Get View  Martin 130 Clipper Jens B. Kristensen 4262k 12236 25-Dec-2007
 Get View  Airbus A300-B Thomas Ruth 74038k 12093 04-Aug-2010
 Get View  DeHavilland DHC2 MkIII Turbo Beaver Amphibian 'C-FOPA' Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May, and Kevin Pardy - Premier Aircraft Design 13179k 11533 21-Oct-2006
 Get View  Mig 29 A Grzeslaw Bator 12900k 11530 14-Feb-2008
 Get View  ROC (Taiwan) AF Lockheed Martin F-16A Block 20 Kirk Olsson, Eric Marciano, Bob Chicilo, Mike Huang 10852k 11478 15-Jul-2007
 Get View  Canadair Argonaut & North Star, Ver 2.1 Jens B. Kristensen 20044k 11471 16-Nov-2008
 Get View  IBERIA A320-214 Project Airbus EC-JFN "Sierra de las Nieves" Luis Altamuro 8182k 11233 08-Sep-2008
 Get View  FedEx Express McDonnell Douglas MD-11(F) Premier Aircraft Design 2325k 11212 23-Aug-2008
 Get View  Antonov AN124 Thomas Ruth 20879k 10985 08-Nov-2009
 Get View  Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II - Version 2.30 Dino Cattaneo 188168k 10970 06-Oct-2013
 Get View  Boeing 247D Jens B. Kristensen 7463k 10947 11-Nov-2006
 Get View  Air France/CIDNA Fokker FVIIb/3m Jens B. Kristensen 12896k 10830 04-Nov-2006
 Get View  Air Canada Boeing 787-8 V2 Camil Valiquette 2484k 10780 04-Mar-2010
 Get View  Myanmar Package ATR42-320 HOUSE-RP, Robby Pauletto, Francisco Sánchez-Castañer 10118k 10643 08-Mar-2007
 Get View  Bristol Beaufighter Dave Garwood, CBFSim 56690k 10642 10-Jun-2008
 Get View  Goodyear Blimps Anders Jermstad, D.L. Tarbox 13185k 10561 04-Jun-2007
 Get View  Douglas DC-6 ver 2.0 for FSX Jens B. Kristensen 19448k 10544 04-Jan-2009
 Get View  Nardi FN-333 Riviera Mario Noriega 14999k 10418 12-Oct-2007
 Get View  Boeing 727-200 Advanced Thomas Ruth 43562k 10355 26-Feb-2011
 Get View  Airbus Military A 400 M Updated Patrick LE LUYER 34718k 10272 03-Jan-2011
 Get View  Air Bagan Fokker F-100 HOUSE-RP, Robby Pauletto, Fernando Martinez 434k 10259 28-May-2007
 Get View  Airbus A340-300, v2 Thomas Ruth 17334k 10135 08-Nov-2009
 Get View  de Havilland Dh89a Dragon Rapide Dave Garwood & CBFS Design team 35061k 9956 24-Jun-2007
 Get View  de Havilland Canada DHC-6-300 Twin Otter Premier Aircraft Design 16426k 9943 03-Mar-2008
 Get View  Airbus A340-500 Thomas Ruth 17223k 9726 08-Nov-2009
 Get View  Super MD 80 Alex Alonso (ValenOk) 23457k 9338 01-Jul-2008
 Get View  Canadian Forces DHC-5 Buffalo Premier Aircraft Design 21159k 9190 24-Oct-2008
 Get View  De Havilland Dash8-Q311 Four Aircraft Package Premier Aircraft Design 22378k 9160 22-Apr-2008
 Get View  T-6G Texan "Civilian Restoration" Ver1.1 Warwick Carter, David Eckert , Michael Flahault 25290k 9157 03-Mar-2010
 Get View  Austral Lineas Aereas McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Néstor Guzmán / SGA 8239k 9068 25-Jul-2007
 Get View  Bombardier Global Express XRS Fr. Bill Leaming & Richard Schwertfeger 16893k 9018 31-Jan-2010
 Get View  Airbus A330-200F Freighter Thomas Ruth 16492k 8964 14-Dec-2009
 Get View  North American Navion Rangemaster v2.0 Rich Schwertfeger & Bill Leaming 42071k 8949 28-May-2010
 Get View  Air France Airbus A360 Camil Valiquette 1374k 8796 20-Jul-2007
 Get View  British Airways Boeing 787-9 V2 Camil Valiquette 5278k 8779 04-Mar-2010
 Get View  DeHavilland DHC2 MkIII Turbo Beaver 'N6102Y' Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May, and Kevin Pardy - Premier Aircraft Design 13426k 8766 25-Oct-2006
 Get View  Gulfstream G-550SP Peter Brun, Douglas E. Trapp 20415k 8673 01-Jan-2018
 Get View  Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II - V2.21 Dino Cattaneo 142868k 8661 10-Jun-2013
 Get View  FedexAirbus A300-600F Thomas Ruth 37203k 8660 06-Mar-2010
 Get View  NORD 2501 Noratlas JF Martin & Gilbert Millas 88170k 8568 01-Feb-2013
 Get View  De Havilland DH.91 Albatross Jens B. Kristensen 13448k 8541 20-Jan-2007
 Get View  Republic F-84G Thunderjet Jens B. Kristensen 11510k 8456 20-Jan-2007
 Get View  Boeing 737-200 YeoDesigns, rework for FSX by Jim Waters 15027k 8423 18-Dec-2008
 Get View  Lockheed L-188 Electra / Passenger Version Daisuke Yamamoto, Hiroaki Kubota 85830k 8379 09-Dec-2009
 Get View  ATR 72-500 (NO VC) Peter Alberts 8179k 8357 03-Mar-2009
 Get View  Bleriot XI 1909 Jean-Michel Castagne 3140k 8312 29-Dec-2006
 Get View  De Havilland DHC6-300 Twin Otter Premier Aircraft Design 19326k 8242 30-Mar-2008
 Get View  Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner Camil Valiquette 1740k 8215 09-Aug-2007
 Get View  KLM McDonnell Douglas MD-11(P) Premier Aircraft Design 2419k 8192 23-Aug-2008
 Get View  Lockheed L-188 Electra / Cargo Version Daisuke Yamamoto, Hiroaki Kubota 78221k 8162 09-Dec-2009
 Get View  Caribbean Airlines Dash-8-300 Premier Aircraft Design 20870k 8149 08-Nov-2008
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