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Cessna 172 Hybrid ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
From the wonderfull 172 SP ver. 7, within add-ons from other well known 172 version,... So, a brand new Cessna for X-Plane 6.70 ! (360° Views, sounds).

Filename: cessna_172_sp_124552.zip
License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 13th September 2003, 17:33:18
Downloads: 807
Author: N. G. Brenier
Size: 8844kb

Cessna Centurion 210B ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
Cessna Centurion 210b For X-Plane 6.25 (C) Mark Fisher 2002 For many years, Cessna offered this plane to those that were looking for a step up in speed and capacity from the 172. This is the THIRD version of the aircraft - eventually there were turbocharged and pressurized variants. With custom panel and airfoils.

Filename: centurion-616v2_105775.zip
License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 14th October 2002, 20:56:07
Downloads: 926
Author: Mark Fisher
Size: 2223kb

China Clipper Martin M-130 for X-Plane 6.40/6.51 ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
China Clipper or Martin M130 for X-Plane 6.40/6.51 - Built by the Martin Company for Pan American Airlines, they were known by the company as Martin Ocean Transports. Only three of these aircraft were built, the China Clipper, the Philippine Clipper and the Hawaii Clipper. To the public, China Clipper became a generic name and originally was applied to all three of the Martin M-130's in Pan Am's fleet and, later, even to the Boeing B-314's which came later. With 4-950 HP radial engines giving a cruising speed of 163 mph and with a range in excess of 3200 miles the "Clippers" were used in the pacific by Pan Am. The "China Clipper" on November 22, 1935 inaugurated the first trans-pacific postal service with 111,000 letters; it returned to San Francisco on December 6, 1935. In 1936 the Hawaii Clipper and Philippine Clipper inaugurated paying passenger service to the Philippines and Hong Kong respectively. These were the original "Clippers" for those including the Boeing B134 to follow. Look for the B134 soon for X-Plane. Just a note : since landing gear skids are used for the wing braces X-Plane thinks that the plane has landing gear and will actually place it on the ground at the airport you select, choose an airport near water and then request a seaplane takeoff or pick a location and altitude on the regional or planet map.

Filename: clipper_112620.zip
License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 11th February 2003, 05:51:20
Downloads: 1309
Author: Robert App
Size: 1160kb

Colditz Glider ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
Perhaps the most ingenious escape attempt ever planned! The Glider built by WWII Allied prisoners in Colditz Castle. Colditz was Germany's "supermax" for POWs. The launch never took place. The war was nearing its end, and it was decided to postpone what would have been the glider's brief and only flight. On Feb. 2 2000 a replica of the glider was successfully flown in Hampshire England, proving the escape glider could have worked. For this flight model, I plugged in as many of the original specs as I could dig up. It glides remarkably well. The model is deliberately crude, in an attempt to keep the feel of a POW made aircraft. I did include some instrumentation that the POWs would not have had.

Filename: colditz_glider_234813.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 18th March 2008, 09:30:15
Downloads: 153
Author: Marty knoll
Size: 153kb

Concept Plane ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
Concept Plane - Packard V12, 1490 HP engine, offset gearbox driving counter rotating pusher props, around engine exhaust. Seats two in front to back arrangement. No rudder, no tricks, no hiden spoilers, no artifical stability. Climb at 80 or 85 degrees, speed will drop to zero and the nose will gradually drop avoiding any uncontrolled stall or spin. Very easy to fly rightside up or upside down. Cruise at 25000 ft at 420 kts true speed for over 3000 nautical miles or climb to over 50000 ft and cruise at 400 kts true speed. Have fun.

Filename: concept_116555.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 25th April 2003, 12:08:52
Downloads: 413
Author: Robert App
Size: 345kb

Cozy Mk IV - Canrad Homebuilt 4-Seater ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
This plane has been created by Todd Parker (Cozy Mk IV builder) and converted into X-Plane v6.14-6.16 with his personal permission.

Beautiful plane, perfect perfomance, fine handling. All flight characteristics based on info (and tested) of Jay Skobjerg (owner of real thing).

NOTE by installing of this aircraft you`ll be able to fly any other models for X-Plane after 6.xx including v6.21

Unpacked file size is 32 mb. Enjoy!

Filename: cozymk4_616_101293.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 19th July 2002, 22:49:10
Downloads: 757
Author: StanZ
Size: 9028kb

DC-101 CII VTOL Airliner ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
This is the next version in the long line of the DC-101.
This version the DC-101 CII(C2) just improves on the DC-101+'s design.

New Features:

1.Better cockpit controls.
2.More streamline body.
3.Almost perfect balance.
4.700+mph speed.
5.Fixed and improved landing gear.
6.And much much more!

Filename: dc-101_cii_136072.zip
License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 27th February 2004, 02:12:36
Downloads: 233
Author: Sam Hoy
Size: 1848kb

DC-101 Type B (VTOL Airliner) ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
This is the next version of the DC-101+ it is basically the same except the following IMPOROVEMENTS: -Improved cockpit layout and retooled autopiolt -Improved stability -Better fuel millage -Better engine placement -Correct file name -Corrected author -Corrected tail number -Improved landing gear -Better landing lights

Filename: dc-101_typeb_135898.zip
License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 25th February 2004, 03:48:10
Downloads: 134
Author: Sam Hoy
Size: 2340kb

DC-101 Type C-3 Last Edition ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
This is the last and final version of the original VTOL airliner there are few minor improvments. This aircraft has been perfected to the maximum or my ability. I thank you for downloading it. Note: Want to be the first to try the new VTOL AlineRs? E-mail me for more information at alloneword67@comcast.net any other comments are also welcome.

Filename: dc-101_c-3_last_edition_138379_138379.zip
License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 6th April 2004, 02:58:03
Downloads: 289
Author: Sam Hoy
Size: 2336kb

DC-101+ VTOL Aircraft ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
This seems like a basic DC-9 right? Well no this amazing aircraft has 6 powerful engines, and VTOL capablities. It can hover, fly backwards, fowards, vertically. It works well with an incredibly short take-off but can also have a complete vertical lift-off! It if build could revoultionize the sirliner industry flying at well over 600mph and taking off on an area as small as a helipad. Nevertheless it is easy to do a conventional take-off using the whole runway. I think the cockpit controls are easy to use. But this plane takes a little bit of getting use to and is not an incredibly stable platform. Note: The DC-101+ take off best going 100% throtle at about a 50deg engine angle.

Filename: dc-101+_vtol_a_135721.zip
License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 22nd February 2004, 23:04:54
Downloads: 243
Author: Sam Hoy
Size: 2558kb

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