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Current category: Prepar3D V1-4 - Gauges (10 files)
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Approach and Landing Automation of Synthetic ILS System ZipDive!  Download

Images related to this file:

File Description:
Adds automation to the fantastic Synthetic ILS developed by Karol Chlebowski for both glidepath and glideslope. Besides the automated ILS there is automated approach capability starting from about 15 miles from touchdown through landing. An automated takeoff function is also available. This was tested and worked on both P3D and FSX. Not tested on FS 2004.

Filename: sync_ils_approach_automation.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 26th January 2019, 22:33:07
Downloads: 474
Author: Bill McClellan
Size: 6243kb

C-27 Loadmaster Panel and Voicepack V1.0 ZipDive!  Download

Images related to this file:

File Description:
This is a panel and voice pack to simulate roughly the tasks of a loadmaster at the IRIS Battlefield Airlifter. You get a female copilot voice - if You want with different language (australian, italian, british or US) accents. Additional announcements by copilot to support you flying the aircraft (flap positions, gear up / down and more). Also new loadmaster voices and announcements are implemented so that airdrops are at least acoustic simulated. It also delivers a P3D default GPS based Autodrop function. The panel does not simulate airdrops visually! For that you would need another addon! The panel is not compatible with other aircraft mods. The panel may work with other P3D or even FSX versions but it is not tested.

Filename: iris_battlefield_airlifter_v1-0.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 24th January 2021, 20:34:30
Downloads: 67
Author: Alex Jorda
Size: 13771kb

GPS2020 – V10.3 ZipDive!  Download

Images related to this file:

File Description:
This is a major upgrade for the GPS2020. Adding waypoints to a flight plan did not (always?) function in P3D, although it DID work in FSX. After a thorough investigation, together with P3D-user Joey Salzmann, a fundamental timing problem was found, due to slight differences between FSX and P3D in the handling of flight plan, nav and direct-to pages. The code has been reworked to mitigate this problem, and in the process, a new, quicker method to insert nearest waypoints in the existing flight plan was introduced. Joey Salzmann extensively tested this version on the P3D platform, it passed all tests! P3D users can use this GPS with confidence. It is strongly recommended to replace all previous versions with this one!

Filename: gps2020-v10.3_384159.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 10th June 2020, 22:18:15
Downloads: 223
Author: Hugo Jansen
Size: 3321kb

GPS2020 – V12.0 ZipDive!  Download

Images related to this file:

File Description:
Major upgrade for V10.3, with focus on zooming, Direct-To, inserting waypoints in the flight plan, and User waypoints (waypoints not present in FSX/P3D database). Key improvements: - Zooming maps with the mouse wheel now finally like in Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps, Garmin BaseCamp, Little Navmap (FSX utility), etc.. - Direct-To Track Updating: dark red track line continuously follows aircraft movements. For proper operation, the user should install XMLVARS/XMLTools in FSX/P3D (most users will already have done this). - Visual indication of "Direct-To Active". - Flight plan: multiple POI's (points clicked on a map) can be inserted in the FPL, they will be named sequentially as TARGET1 to TARGETnnnn. - Inserting in the flight plan, all sorts of waypoints from all possible sources, can be done with a quicker method with the green buttons alone, without needing to open the Direct-To page. - Other refinements in code and screen layout since V10.3. It is recommended to replace V10.3 with this V12.0!

Filename: gps2020-v12.0_384464.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 29th June 2020, 17:51:55
Downloads: 236
Author: Hugo Jansen
Size: 16079kb

GPS2020 – V12.4 ZipDive!  Download

Images related to this file:

File Description:
For those that still want to use FSX/P3D, it is recommended to replace GPS2020 V12.0 with this V12.4! V12.4: Major fault corrected: - When flying a normal flight plan, then setting a Direct-To destination, quite regularly after a few seconds the DTO was aborted prematurely and the normal flight plan was restored. Obviously, this is intolerable. A solid cure has been found. Some additions and smaller corrections: - WPT infobox upper left: if GPS NAV Lock set, background gets color of active leg (purple). - When the aircraft reaches the Direct-To destination, normally it starts circling around it (only with the autopilot). From now on, if a flight plan was active before the Direct-To was started, it will automatically be resumed when the destination is reached. - Direct-To flight plan: occasionally, the destination waypoint shown in the 2-point DTO flight plan changed to 'Aircraft', although the autopilot navigation functioned correctly. Now the Direct-To flight plan should always be correct. - Adding an approach procedure (PROC) to the flight plan, then removing it, then Direct-To to a WP, then cancel DTO: the flight plan should be restored WITHOUT the PROC, but it was restored WITH the previously deleted PROC. Corrected now.

Filename: gps2020-v12.4_385312.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 29th August 2020, 20:49:10
Downloads: 232
Author: Hugo Jansen
Size: 4725kb

Groundhandling V6.0 ZipDive!  Download

Images related to this file:

File Description:
This archive contains version 6.0 of my "groundhandling" gauges, originally created for FS9: automated pushback with conversation sounds, Taxispeed control and more. New in V6.0: - Works with FSX (all versions), P3Dv2/3 AND P3Dv4 (bit64). - Two Pushback versions: the original version (with preset turnangles and scenery pushback truck interaction), and a free-control version that allows you to control pushback heading with rudder input. - A revised Taxispeed gauge; works much more accurate, for any aircraft. - Tow operation, with all engines Off. Easy to install, and fully documented. Requires the Microsoft "Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable" to be installed. See included README. By Rob Barendregt.

Filename: rcbgh-60.zip
License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 17th November 2017, 16:14:25
Downloads: 2759
Author: Rob Barendregt
Size: 577kb

Helicopter Trim Gauge x64 ZipDive!  Download

File Description:
This gauge allows trimming of any helicopter in P3D in the same way fixed wing aircraft are trimmed, using the same keystrokes or axis assignment (the latter for elevator only). It also adds a little 2D panel to show current trims positions and allows separate configuration for different rotocraft. This is 64 bit version of helitrim gauge for FSX, requires at least Prepar3D V4.

Filename: helitrim64.zip
License: Check within download
Added: 2nd October 2017, 19:00:22
Downloads: 591
Author: Mike Krawczyk
Size: 34kb

Oxynator ZipDive!  Download

Images related to this file:

File Description:
"OXYNATOR" is an oxygen-supply-simulation for addon-aircraft from A2A Simulations and simulate an bottle-based-oxygen-supply implemented as gauge with a lua-plugin. "OXYNATOR" was developed and tested with the C182 from A2A running Prepar3Dv4.5HF2. "OXYNATOR" was also tested with the Piper Comanche 250 from A2A running FSX. So it might be possible to run this gauge also with other A2A aircrafts or older version of Prepar3D or FSX. CAUTION: in order to run this gauge, you need the registered version of FSUIPC!!!

Filename: oxynator.zip
License: Check within download
Added: 7th May 2020, 17:54:19
Downloads: 130
Author: Sascha Bauer
Size: 479kb

P3D 64bit Helicopter Autopilot ZipDive!  Download

Images related to this file:

File Description:
A working Helicopter autopilot extracted from the SDK that has been tested for the 64bit sim. Read me included

Filename: helicopter_autopilot.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 12th August 2018, 19:30:52
Downloads: 1512
Author: LM/Matt Levi
Size: 389kb

Weather Radar VC & pop-up Gauge V 2.0 - x64 build ZipDive!  Download

Images related to this file:

File Description:
Weather radar gauge to use with HiFi AS16 / ASP4 weather engine. The gauge can be used in any aircraft in a 2D window, or inside a Virtual Cockpit, for example replacing a GPS device or other Glass gauge. Available Settings are: Tilt, Gain, Range and Mode. ** Functional only with Prepar3d x64 versions, v4 or above **. Enjoy!

Filename: rolasnradar-v2-x64.zip
License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 14th June 2017, 19:39:36
Downloads: 1949
Author: Roland Herblot
Size: 694kb

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