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Current category: Civil Flight Simulators - Looking Glass Flight Unlimited 3 (258 files)
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  Name Author Size DLs Added
 Get View  'United Nations' FU3 Beechjet Christian Brose 7206k 619 18-Jan-2004
 Get View  "Seattle '08" Elevation and Scenery update for FU3 Seattle region - Part 1 of 2 Jon Point, Andre Meystre 87510k 156 30-Jan-2013
 Get View  "Seattle '08" Elevation and scenery update for FU3 Seattle region - Part 2 of 2 Jon Point 74911k 496 24-Dec-2007
 Get View  (Almost) flyable T6 for FU3 - Part 2 - An aircraft! Jon Point 5141k 175 23-Aug-2006
 Get View  (Almost) flyable T6 for FU3 - Part1 - Resources Jon Point 3826k 101 23-Aug-2006
 Get View  (More) Models for FU3! Jonathan Point 955k 647 15-Oct-2002
 Get View  2005-03-12_chat Tom Wunder 40k 212 14-Mar-2005
 Get View  3D Colour Wales Andy Rowson 7876k 263 28-Oct-2004
 Get View  441 New Models for FU3 (2005 release) Jon Point 2991k 409 01-Nov-2005
 Get View  A J Eisenberg Outer Terrain airport Dave Morgan 10502k 81 13-Oct-2010
 Get View  Access Ramp, Many Taxiways & Streetlights Robert Driscoll 62k 660 22-Aug-2002
 Get View  Admiralty Head Light Tower Jim Buffett 315k 98 05-Oct-2010
 Get View  Admiralty Head Station House Jim Buffett 1305k 110 21-May-2005
 Get View  AI Package Ansgar Avermeyer 2043k 1009 14-Sep-2003
 Get View  AI Package Callsigns 0.1 Beta Steffen Schiedek 1770k 444 16-Sep-2003
 Get View  AI Package V1.00 (2005) Ansgar Avermeyer, Jon Point, Juoko Huovinen 4656k 3379 11-May-2005
 Get View  AI planes for Gatwick and London City Roland Wagener 87k 848 06-Mar-2003
 Get View  AI Planes On Stansted Roland Wagener 34k 247 22-Mar-2003
 Get View  AIModel Viewer / Editor Version 3.0 Andre Meystre 288k 412 22-Jan-2005
 Get View  Air Cadet Vigilant John Lewis and Ches Ledster 5097k 1356 26-May-2006
 Get View  Air Canada Boeing 747-400 v2.0 Rich Wren 33k 1708 20-Sep-2003
 Get View  Airport Editor / Viewer for FU3 André Meystre 433k 369 25-Nov-2004
 Get View  Airport Jeep Robert Driscoll 65k 419 09-Aug-2002
 Get View  Airport Objects Robert Driscoll 128k 592 18-Oct-2002
 Get View  Airport Radar Robert Driscoll 19k 295 28-Aug-2002
 Get View  Ansgar's Baron Factory Paint Steve Hess 1878k 190 21-Sep-2003
 Get View  Ansgar's Baron US Air Force Steve Hess 1940k 265 21-Sep-2003
 Get View  Antonov An-2 André Meystre 5272k 573 31-Dec-2008
 Get View  Apex Airpark fix for "Seattle 2008" users Jon Point 195k 83 02-Jan-2008
 Get View  Archer Steve Hess 5008k 692 26-Jun-2002
 Get View  Arrow SCH Steve Hess 4955k 492 05-Jul-2002
 Get View  Arrow SCH Ver1.1 Steve Hess 4957k 904 07-Jul-2002
 Get View  ASW 28 john lewis 3045k 519 25-Sep-2005
 Get View  ASW 28 John Lewis 2808k 743 14-Jan-2004
 Get View  B17 Flying Fortress 'Sally-B' and Avro Shackleton MR3 Andre Meystre 593k 1150 30-Nov-2003
 Get View  Baggage Cart Robert Driscoll 11k 213 16-Aug-2002
 Get View  Baggage Tractor Robert Driscoll 11k 224 19-Aug-2002
 Get View  Bandera Fix for Seattle BIN file users Jon Point 15929k 75 01-Jan-2008
 Get View  Baron / Windhawk Ansgar Avermeyer 5041k 1658 28-Feb-2003
 Get View  Baron 58 Hooters Steve Hess 8633k 438 10-Sep-2003
 Get View  Beaver Sch Ver 2 Steve Hess 5610k 973 28-Jun-2002
 Get View  Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing Jon Point 9321k 674 20-Dec-2006
 Get View  BGL2E Convert Static Scenery Models of MSFS to FU3 Version 1.8 Andre Meystre 676k 244 01-Sep-2005
 Get View  Big Red v1 Hans Petter Roverud 6583k 505 22-Jun-2003
 Get View  Big Red v2 Hans Petter Roverud 6726k 321 04-Jan-2006
 Get View  Black Taxi Robert Driscoll 199k 163 31-Oct-2003
 Get View  Blanik L-13 Glider With Packages Jon Point 7876k 1446 10-Nov-2003
 Get View  Boeing 747 missing cockpitviews Steffen Schiedek 12263k 2141 28-Feb-2010
 Get View  Boeing 747-400 Excalibur Jouko Huovinen 278k 742 15-Feb-2010
 Get View  Boeing 747-400, V2.00 Ansgar Avermeyer 27411k 243 03-Aug-2013
 Get View  Buckingham Palace Robert Driscoll 71k 125 14-Oct-2003
 Get View  Cardiff Airport for UK-south Robert Driscoll-Andy Rowson-Luc Marilier 756k 217 08-Sep-2003
 Get View  Carquinez Bridge Upgrade for the Sanfran Region Jon Point 315k 296 15-Mar-2005
 Get View  Caves Challenge for the Seattle Region. John Lewis and Robert Driscoll 3620k 46 15-Sep-2010
 Get View  Cessna 182 ver1.6 Steve Hess 5617k 1192 01-Jul-2002
 Get View  Channel Airways Dakota G-AGZB Memorial Repaint Andre Meystre 480k 405 30-Mar-2003
 Get View  Channel Islands (add on region) André Meystre 24654k 248 22-May-2008
 Get View  Chivenor for UKS Ches Ledster 277k 289 05-Oct-2005
 Get View  Coit Tower Jim Buffett 242k 100 26-Jun-2005
 Get View  Coit Tower Night Texture Jim Buffett 83k 84 27-Jun-2005
 Get View  Commented Configuration File Robert Driscoll 12k 843 18-Jul-2002
 Get View  Complete files of the FU3 Goose Markus Brunner 9134k 338 17-Sep-2002
 Get View  Convert Static Scenery Models of MSFS to FU3 André Meystre 200k 215 20-Nov-2004
 Get View  Dago Red Ansgar Avermeyer 3074k 743 22-Mar-2003
 Get View  DC3 V1.20 Complete Ansgar Avermeyer, Jon Point 7182k 2925 01-Mar-2010
 Get View  DC3/C-47 Version 1.10 Ansgar Avermeyer, Erik Bjoernwall, Steve Hess 7866k 1624 01-Mar-2010
 Get View  Descriptions of 5 Original Airplanes Smirnov Pavel 15k 233 18-Sep-2004
 Get View  DH82 (TigerMoth) Quentin van de Geer, André Meystre, John Lewis. 4130k 613 07-Jan-2006
 Get View  Dirt & grass runways for FU3 Jon Point 585k 170 20-Nov-2006
 Get View  Douglas XC-47C Gooney Bird Ansgar Avermeyer 7152k 499 28-Feb-2010
 Get View  Duxford, Fowlmere André Meystre 1974k 245 09-Nov-2004
 Get View  Eight Sights of Cardiff Airport Lucfrenchy 1014k 115 28-Jul-2003
 Get View  Elevation detail for Gatwick Andre / Robert 194k 137 21-Feb-2003
 Get View  Elstree Aerodrome Andre Meystre 2540k 192 21-Jul-2007
 Get View  Engine Out - King Air Ralph Wright 29k 183 20-Apr-2003
 Get View  Farallon Islands Bogdan Adamski 258k 250 09-Sep-2002
 Get View  Favourite Baron 58 Daniel Biosca 5582k 544 30-Jun-2003
 Get View  FBO Upgrade Seattle Region Jonathan Point 385k 261 29-Apr-2004
 Get View  Fence R Driscoll 14k 166 01-Aug-2002
 Get View  Fence 30 Jim Buffett 37k 154 03-Aug-2002
 Get View  FIXMIP 4.4 Robert Driscoll 314k 338 31-Jul-2003
 Get View  Flat and dry Heathrow Airport classification file André Meystre 14k 120 18-Dec-2002
 Get View  FLED Book Mark Manager Andre Meystre 76k 89 20-Nov-2003
 Get View  FLED Turboprop Sound Jon Point 37k 164 10-Feb-2004
 Get View  FLEDViewer, Version 3.0 Andre Meystre 115k 72 15-Sep-2011
 Get View  Flight 3 packages Lars Peter Galaasen 5916k 119 05-Sep-2010
 Get View  Flight Support System v0.4 Dexter Kofa 8547k 680 15-Oct-2002
 Get View  Flight Unlimited / Racing Fools Chat Log From 12-06-03 Tom Wunder 24k 67 07-Dec-2003
 Get View  Flight Unlimited / Racing Fools chat log Jan 17, 2004 Tom Wunder 38k 67 19-Jan-2004
 Get View  Flight Unlimited 2 Approach Plates Mike Magatagan 1165k 344 18-Feb-2003
 Get View  Flight Unlimited 3 and2 Airport Listing Jim Buffett 65k 580 01-Jun-2003
 Get View  Flight Unlimited III Seattle Region expansion up to Vancouver Andre Meystre 99144k 132 27-Jan-2011
 Get View  Flightmodel of the First DC3-C47 v. 1.00 Ansgar Avermeyer 2k 204 01-Mar-2010
 Get View  Fokker Dr1 Texture Jim Buffett 313k 91 06-Feb-2008
 Get View  Fokker DR1 w/stripe wing by Jim Buffett Jim Buffett 3061k 143 03-Feb-2008
 Get View  Forest Falls Robert Driscoll 868k 237 03-Nov-2002
 Get View  Forest Falls Demo Flight Robert Driscoll 112k 88 28-Nov-2002
 Get View  FU3 JoyKey.CFG for MS Sidewinder Precision Pro Joystick v3 Earl Buice 2k 670 27-Oct-2002
 Get View  FU3 Library List by Type of Entry Andre Meystre 534k 324 13-Mar-2005
 Get View  FU3 Outer Terrain GTL Tile Editor v2.0 Jonathan Stonehouse 103k 47 26-Dec-2009
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