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Current category: Flight Simulator X - Gauges (208 files)
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  Name Author Size DLs Added
 Get View  "FeelThere Map" Eurowings Ian Brolute 112k 94 04-Aug-2017
 Get View  "You Have Control" Copilot Gauge Bill Last 19k 973 12-Oct-2015
 Get View  4 Engine Turboprop Throttle quadrant gauge for FS9 and FSX Rick Milne 184k 2178 16-Dec-2006
 Get View  4 engines EICAS for Saitek FIP Philippe Verhaege 1889k 834 16-Oct-2011
 Get View  737 EICAS and 777 EICAS, PFD, and Nav Glass Instruments for FSX Default Aircraft Kapock Cavanaugh 104768k 1168 24-Feb-2014
 Get View  A330/A340 Gauge Upgrade v2 Dimitrios Moschos 6237k 2372 09-Jun-2012
 Get View  Advanced Radar System (ARS) Dietmar Loleit 1075k 2460 02-Feb-2011
 Get View  Advanced Radar System 2 (ARS2) Dietmar Loleit 1645k 1608 24-Mar-2011
 Get View  Advanced Radar System 4 (ARS4) Dietmar Loleit 1209k 2690 05-Mar-2013
 Get View  Air to Air Refueling Gauge - Receiver Side Version 1.1 Chris DUB 26k 626 28-Sep-2010
 Get View  Air to Air refueling gauge - Tanker Side version 1.4 Chris DUB 24k 720 29-Sep-2010
 Get View  Airbus A321 ECAMS gauge fix Branislav Jansik 5411k 1400 16-Nov-2009
 Get View  Airbus A380 Checklist Gauge Diego Roxas 454k 1185 08-Nov-2010
 Get View  Airport Chart Gauge V2 Holger Maass 5729k 21039 31-Mar-2008
 Get View  Altitude Alert for Captain Sim B707-300 Paul Tally 267k 142 23-Jul-2017
 Get View  AP - Alt - VS MultiFuel Flaps v1 Robert Budd 184k 215 12-Jul-2014
 Get View  AP_MultiFuel_Gauges for FIP Robert Budd 764k 123 20-Oct-2014
 Get View  Aspen Avionics EFD1000 Daniel Lucente 920k 1478 29-Aug-2008
 Get View  Automatic Jet Smoke Erik Rivera 2k 918 26-Apr-2012
 Get View  B737-800 EICAS FSX model for Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panel Philippe Verhaege 149k 383 09-Jul-2013
 Get View  Baron Digital Engine Panel for FIP Philippe Verhaege 931k 298 31-Mar-2012
 Get View  Beachcraft Baron 58 AP-Alt-VS-Fuel Gauge v1 Robert Budd 283k 116 06-Jul-2014
 Get View  Beaver DHC 2 engine panel for FIP Philippe Verhaege 804k 204 11-Mar-2012
 Get View  Beaver Engine Panel for FIP v2 Philippe Verhaege 815k 188 31-Mar-2012
 Get View  Beech Baron engines gauge flaps landing gear and pitch trim for pf instrument panel philippe verhaege 160k 506 27-Mar-2011
 Get View  Beechcraft 18DS auto-smoke gauge for FSX Richard Wisman 16k 284 14-Oct-2012
 Get View  Beechcraft Baron 58 FULL Engine Gauges for Saitek FIP's Jack Pickett, Laurent Ferrari 681k 128 19-Mar-2015
 Get View  Beechcraft King Air C90 GPU Upgrade J Bellardi, Carenado 399k 730 22-Apr-2012
 Get View  Bendix King KN63 DME indicator Pierre Fasseaux 81k 309 12-Sep-2013
 Get View  Bendix King KR21 Beacon Marker Pierre Fasseaux 270k 229 12-Sep-2013
 Get View  Bendix King/Honeywell General Aviation FMC/GPS Garrett Smith 1151k 42949 25-Feb-2009
 Get View  BeThere! Thilo Arndt 44k 3148 08-Feb-2007
 Get View  Boeing 727-100/200 Various Fixes Paul Tally 31k 624 07-Feb-2015
 Get View  Boeing 727-100/200 Various Fixes Ver2.0 Paul Tally 5404k 1140 31-May-2015
 Get View  Boeing 737-200 Package Gauge Fix Brian C. Selb 2979k 3824 11-Dec-2006
 Get View  Boeing 737-200/Adv APU and Ground Power Mod Paul Tally 63k 928 12-Jan-2013
 Get View  Boeing 737-200/Adv Various Fixes Paul Tally 136k 1072 02-Feb-2013
 Get View  Boeing 737-800 NG Gauge Fixes and Improvements Alexander Barthel 2465k 10686 31-Mar-2007
 Get View  Boeing 787 HUD On/Off Toggle Dave Opper 2k 601 03-Nov-2010
 Get View  Boeing 787 HUD On/Off Toggle * Update * Dave Opper 2k 445 04-Nov-2010
 Get View  Bombardier CRJ-200 V Speeds Card Gauge Aaron Cook 625k 218 10-Nov-2013
 Get View  Bombardier CRJ-700 Gauge Fixes and Improvements Alexander Barthel 2811k 7262 31-Mar-2007
 Get View  Bombardier Learjet 45 - VOR 2 Alexander Barthel 1764k 3124 31-Mar-2007
 Get View  Bombardier Learjet 45 Gauge Enhancements Alexander Barthel 2266k 16159 29-Apr-2007
 Get View  C-130 T.I.T. Gauge Paul Tally 4039k 289 21-Aug-2016
 Get View  C208 digital engine panel for FIP Philippe Verhaege 101k 252 01-Mar-2012
 Get View  Canadair Regional Jet 700 Gauge Corrections Mark Chapman 2126k 1858 23-Mar-2007
 Get View  CB 5000 NAVRAD Navigational RADAR and Multi-Function Display ver 1.5 Greg Swift (CoosBay Hops) 2960k 1861 20-Mar-2013
 Get View  Cessna 172 - analogical engine panel for FIP Philippe Verhaege 228k 309 28-Feb-2012
 Get View  Cessna 172 - digital engine panel for FIP Philippe Verhaege 105k 352 28-Feb-2012
 Get View  Cessna C208 GPU Upgrade J Bellardi, Carenado 599k 562 22-Apr-2012
 Get View  Cessna Mustang Fuel Mgt Gauge Bob Scott 9k 342 01-May-2009
 Get View  Checklist display gauge with Lockheed C-130 checklists and reference Esko Halli 523k 978 19-Jun-2012
 Get View  Chronometers M550 and M877 Pierre Fasseaux 556k 1158 14-Nov-2008
 Get View  Civa Ins Heading Display Paul Tally 8k 611 22-Dec-2012
 Get View  Cockpit Sounds and Cold and Dark for ND AS350 Daniel Gauthier 250k 184 28-Apr-2014
 Get View  Cockpit Sounds and Cold and Dark for ND AS355 Daniel Gauthier 225k 132 30-Apr-2014
 Get View  Cockpit Sounds and Cold and Dark for ND EC130 Daniel Gauthier 225k 170 28-Apr-2014
 Get View  Cockpit Sounds and Cold and Dark for ND MD902 Daniel Gauthier 150k 115 28-Apr-2014
 Get View  Cockpit Sounds for ND AW-109 Daniel Gauthier 5305k 197 25-Apr-2014
 Get View  Colored Smoke System Dietmar Loleit 854k 928 26-Dec-2008
 Get View  Corrected FSX SDK gauges.h file Dai Griffiths 59k 2106 14-Oct-2006
 Get View  Country Gauge Ricardo Salas Aguirre 66k 1258 30-Jul-2010
 Get View  CS737-200 ISG FMS Control Gauge Paul Tally 235k 308 13-Mar-2017
 Get View  DA Fokker 70 Panel Controller James Hodkinson 365k 792 28-Jul-2008
 Get View  DA Fokker 70 Panel Controller V2 Jim Hodkinson 366k 1718 02-Apr-2010
 Get View  Davtron Chronometer M803 upgraded v8 Pierre Fasseaux 653k 415 09-Aug-2013
 Get View  Davtron M803 V6 Pierre Fasseaux 448k 328 06-Jan-2013
 Get View  DC3 Engine Panel for FIP v2 Philippe Verhaege 838k 179 31-Mar-2012
 Get View  Default Boeing 737-800 Center Tank Feed Logic Aaron Cook 113k 465 23-Apr-2014
 Get View  Default Boeing 737-800 Panel Fixes and Improvements - Update v1.1 Stefano Cerutti 1927k 1930 16-Dec-2012
 Get View  Default Cessna 208B - Modified gauges Pierre Fasseaux 179k 222 09-Aug-2013
 Get View  Derivateur dc3 px andré coutant 3784k 509 05-Apr-2009
 Get View  Digital Elevator Trim and Heading Indicator Gauge Paul Tally 23k 319 04-Sep-2016
 Get View  DLL for XML traffic radar / TCAS Doug Dawson - Original by Arne Bartels 1107k 1421 06-Mar-2012
 Get View  Douglas DC-3 Engine Panel Philippe Verhaege 826k 170 14-Mar-2012
 Get View  Enhanced Garmin G1000 Displays Scumari Tec 4432k 966 12-Jan-2014
 Get View  Essential gauges - Speed gauges for Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panel *Update* Philippe Verhaege 4k 190 02-Jul-2013
 Get View  Essential gauges for FIP Philippe Verhaege 1784k 407 01-Mar-2013
 Get View  Event Logger v2 Doug Dawson 50k 809 27-Dec-2006
 Get View  FFS Saab 340 Gauge Updates Jason Lohrenz 54k 2053 26-Mar-2008
 Get View  FIP - 5 Gauge Display - 2 Engine Robert Budd 2460k 91 30-Oct-2014
 Get View  FIX For A330/40 Gauge Upgrade Dimitrios Moschos 7k 267 19-Apr-2012
 Get View  Fixes for my 3 "Analog clocks" Pierre Fasseaux 798k 263 06-Jan-2013
 Get View  Flight Director Mod Boeing 727-100/200 Paul Tally 11k 498 25-Jan-2015
 Get View  Flight Instrument Panel for Grumman Goose Philippe Verhaege 691k 236 03-Feb-2012
 Get View  FLTInfo Dietmar Loleit 499k 1267 09-Jul-2012
 Get View  FLTInfo - Bug Fix Dietmar Loleit 91k 658 12-Jul-2012
 Get View  FLTInfo V2 Dietmar Loleit 853k 1324 12-Oct-2012
 Get View  Flypad Gauge Dietmar Loleit 3909k 300 06-Jun-2014
 Get View  Flypad Gauge V2.0 Dietmar Loleit 4100k 536 02-Aug-2014
 Get View  FreeFlight TRI-40 RadAlt V2 Pierre Fasseaux 46k 425 06-Jan-2013
 Get View  FS2K and CFS Gauge Creation Tutorial Rev.29 Dai Griffiths 3800k 467 10-Dec-2009
 Get View  FS2K+ and CFS+ Gauge Creation Tutorial Rev.27 Dai Griffiths 3865k 709 08-Aug-2008
 Get View  FS2K+ and CFS+ Gauge Creation Tutorial Rev.28 Dai Griffiths 3819k 609 23-Mar-2009
 Get View  FS2K+ and CFS+ Gauge Creation Tutorial Rev.30 Dai Griffiths 3514k 333 30-Sep-2010
 Get View  FS2K+ and CFS+ Gauge Creation Tutorial Rev.31 Dai Griffiths 4163k 379 20-Nov-2011
 Get View  FS2K+ and CFS+ Gauge Creation Tutorial Rev.32 Dai Griffiths 4506k 352 21-Jul-2013
 Get View  FSX A321 and B738 Gauge Corrections Gene Zimmer 4640k 8004 27-Nov-2006
 Get View  FSX A321 fly-by-wire landing fix Gary Galea 1k 1116 05-May-2010
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